Seller Help: Pre-settlement Checklist IF YOU ARE THE SELLER of the house about to go to settlement:
  • Call the settlement company and give them your mortgage payoff information (ie. loan account number, toll free numbers to the mortgage company, names on the account, your social security number etc. They will then call your lending institution and request an exact payoff for the date of your closing.
  • Cancel all applicable utility accounts effective the date of settlement.


  • Alleghany Power: 1-800-255-3443 -
  • Washington Gas (Frederick Division): 301-662-2151
  • Verizon Telephone: 301-954-6230 - Frederick City Water & Sewer: 301-694-1421
    * If the house that you are selling is in the county, billing for water and sewer automatically changes names when the county receives the deed from the settlement attorney's office.


  • Pepco Electric: 202-833-7500
  • Washington Natural Gas: 1-800-752-7520 or 703-750-1000
  • Verizon Telephone: 301-954-6260
    Call your insurance agent and cancel your home insurance effective the date of settlement, NOT earlier.


  • Alleghany Power: 301-790-3400
  • AC&T Company (Gas): 301-797-7923
  • Verizon Telephone : 301-954-6260


  • Note down your water meter(s) reading(s) prior to coming to settlement. The settlement attorney requires this information in order to transfer the water bill from your name to that of the buyer. Unlike other utilities, the water bill is a LIEN AGAINST THE HOUSE and if not properly paid, can jeopardize the successful transfer of ownership.
  • Ensure that all repairs that you had agreed to with the buyer are completed and that you have receipts to prove that. If in the event that you had done some of the work on your own, keep in mind that the work is required to be done in a "workman like manner".
  • Please bring all warranty papers, manuals on appliances/security systems, mail box keys, garage door openers etc. to settlement in order to give these to the buyers.
  • If your house has a septic tank and well water, you are required to provide and pay for a "Well and Septic Certification". This can be done by hiring a company such as:
    Alban Well & Septic Inspection. Tel: 1-800-822-7200 - Catoctin Labs. Tel: 301-663-5323
    Frederick Town Labs. Tel: 301-694-7133 or Jet Septic: 1-800-735-4726 (Toll Free)
    * If the buyer of your house is using FHA or VA financing to buy your house, make sure to tell the appropriate Lab/Service of that since the type of testing required for FHA or VA loans is different than for Conventional Loans. Also, please tell them to fax a copy of the well & septic certification to me at 301-631-6665.
  • You and any other owners of the house being sold are required to bring a photo ID with you to settlement (valid drivers license, passport etc).
  • Not all settlement attorneys disburse settlement funds at the closing table. Please call the attorney to clear this matter ahead of time and/or to make arrangements to wire the money into your account
  • If you or any other owner of the property will not be able to attend closing, please call the attorneys office and ask them to make arrangements for a "Power of Attorney", whereby which someone else can sign for the person who won't be able to attend.
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